4 Tips to Help You Configure Google’s G Suite Activity Dashboard

As of March 2018, a new activity dashboard lets document editors who use G Suite in organizations see when other people have viewed a file. Activity dashboard data may be viewed by people in organizations that use G Suite for business, education, or enterprise. The activity dashboard serves as an additional collaboration signal within Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides showing every document change, suggested edit, or comment.

1. Activity dashboard can show views inside and outside your organization

Activity dashboard supports internal collaboration. If allowed by your G Suite administrator, you can see which of your colleagues viewed your shared Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides.  The activity dashboard also lets you see when people outside the organization have viewed a file as well.

2. A G Suite administrator can restrict activity dashboard view tracking

If you use a G Suite version that includes the activity dashboard, a G Suite administrator may modify settings in the Admin console (admin.google.com) > Apps > G Suite > Drive and Docs > Activity dashboard settings. A G Suite administrator may adjust both view history tracking and access to the activity dashboard.

3. Individuals can restrict activity dashboard view tracking, too

Every person can choose to hide viewing history for all files, or for an individual file. Your selection applies retroactively: If you choose to hide your history—for all files or for a single file—it will no longer be available. This setting sticks. “In the future, if you decide to turn on view history again, any views you made while view history was off will never show up,” Yang said.

4. Culture matters

Consider your organization’s culture when you configure your activity dashboard settings. Much like email read receipt features, behavioral norms may affect how people interpret activity dashboard data.

Information for this post was taken from an article by Andy Wolber in TechRepublic, for more details and illustrations, please follow this link.