Motherboard Repair & Exchange

AGParts Worldwide Can Repair or Exchange Your Motheboard

If your motherboard needs repaired or simply replaced, AGParts Worldwide can help. We perform component level repairs on all Chromebook model motherboards. You can also purchase a new motherboard at a reduced cost when exchanging a broken or damaged motherboard.

Repair Advantages:

• $99.95 flat rate on all Chromebook motherboard repair. Minimum quantity of 10.
• One-year warranty on motherboard repairs.
• No diagnostic fee and waived fees for non-repairable boards.

Exchange Advantages:

• Free, pre-paid shipping labels to return core.
• Up to 30 days to return the core upon new exchange purchase.

Create your AGParts Worldwide account today and browse our motherboard exchange options in our parts store.
Type “exchange” in our parts store search field to view our complete inventory of motherboards that are eligible for exchange.