Partner Buying Program


AGParts Worldwide’s Partner Buying Program offers a safe, secure, environmental and cost-effective way to sell used Chromebook and Apple devices. Have bulk parts to sell? Our Purchasing team is always looking for new buying partners and channels. Contact us today!


Environmental consciousness has become a worldwide concern, and nowhere is this more evident than the global marketplace. A more sustainable approach for managing used and end-of-life electronics is critical. That’s why we’re proud to announce that AGParts Worldwide is ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, and R2 certified. What does this mean for you?

When you partner with AGParts Worldwide on device buyback or any of our other technology solutions, you can rest assured that all electronic products are reused and recycled in a way that promotes resource preservation, the well-being of the natural environment, and the health and safety of workers and communities.

Our ISO and R2 certifications offer many advantages and benefits, such as:

• Protecting people and the planet
• Protecting data
• Reduces third party liability risks
• Compliant with all international import/export laws
• Preserves resources
• Fostering new innovation and technology


Want more information about our Partner Buying Program? Click the button below and fill out the form on the webpage. An AGParts Worldwide team member will be in contact with you shortly.