DELL 3189 Education Chromebook 2-in-1

An education-focused 2-in-1 that easily switches between different modes of usage. One minute it’s a laptop, the next it’s a tablet, or a screen for viewing video in “tent mode.” To keep things simple, there’s nothing to click on to toggle between modes.

The laptop’s 11.6-inch display is a touch screen, which should give a welcome boost to interactivity for students.  The laptop comes with a water-resistant keyboard and clickpad, along with a shock-absorbent body and Gorilla Glass on the display.

The Chromebook 3189 also gets solid marks on battery life. Touch screens tend to drain the battery, so it’s wise for Dell to include a generous-size battery (42WHr, which is the same-size battery as many Dell Latitude laptops).

The display resolution and the processor, both are the standard fare of Chromebooks—HD (1,366 x 768) resolution and Intel Celeron N3060.  While the processor and resolution aren’t superb, those are the trade-offs for keeping the Chromebook 3189 affordable for schools.  And we think its $369 price for the laptop is still very reasonable, given the advantages it has over typical Chromebooks.

Information for this post is taken from an article by Kyle Alspach in CRN, for more details, follow the link.