chromebookbatteryb1.  Dim the screen, the brighter the screen, the more juice it uses from the battery.

2.  Disable Bluetooth and LTE, turning off the radio connections when not in use will increase your battery life.

3.  Find out which web pages use the most battery, on the current developer release of ChromeOS, you can find out which websites use the most battery life.

4. Limit Open Tabs, each tab gets its on chunk of memory, which works the CPU more, causing battery drainage.

5.  Power off, by just closing the lid of the Chromebook, you are putting it into suspend mode.  The suspend mode creates more battery drainage than if the unit is turned off.

These suggestions are from an article published in Tech Republic, by Jack Wallen.  To read the complete article and more details on how to apply some of the these suggestions, click here.