5 Tips and Tricks-chromebook_detail_display_hinge-100538070-largeWith all the various apps and tools that are now available on your Chromebook, here are some tips to fine-tune your Chromebook for greater productivity.

1.  Arrange your self:  you can relocate your self to the left or the right side of the screen, but not the top.

2.  Customize the app launcher: simply by clicking and holding on the app to move it where you want it.

3.  Focus on your task by going full-screen:  you can auto-hide the shelf and expand the tab you are working on to go full-screen.

4.  Snap windows on left & right:  you can have 2 separate windows open on the left and right side of the screen for multitasking.  We all know teachers do a lot of that!

5.  Search Gmail and Google Drive right from the omnibox: this will take some set-up, but you can search these items right from the Chrome browser’s Omnibox.

For more details on these tip and tricks, read the article in PC World by Derek Walter.