Make Your Google Docs More Accessible

4 ways to make your Google Docs more accessible

Use headings

Make it easier for others to read your document by including headings. Documents organized to include headings will help readers jump to different sections in your document. Structure and properly formatted headings are very important so that your documents can be easily understood and navigated. Besides that, no one wants to read a single long document.  Headings should be selected based on their hierarchy in the document.

Add alt text to images

Images can play a significant role in Google Docs. The way to make them accessible is to add alternative text, or alt text, to the image. Alt text for images is vital to ensuring that users with visual impairments have access to information included in these visuals.  Alternative text should provide enough information so that users who are unable to see them are still able to understand what they convey.

Clearly describe hyperlinks

You can make your Google Docs even more accessible by improving how you use hyperlinks in your documents. Hyperlinks should be embedded in text that makes them clear, concise, and meaningful in context. Users visually scan pages for links to help them find the information they are looking for quickly

Use color and contrast appropriately

Color in your documents is very important. It is critical that the appropriate contrast exist between the text in your document and the background of your document. Lightly colored text should have a darker background and darker colored text should have a light background. In addition, color alone should never be used to emphasize items on your document. Use color plus bold to highlight items.

The information for this post was taken from an article by Diana Benner in eSchool News, follow this link for the complete article and more details.