Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Chromebook

Lenovo announces at CES 2016 their new ThinkPad Chromebook 13, which is better than their standard Chromebook model and their ThinkPad for Education models previously. The ThinkPad 13 comes in two different options, one with Windows 10 and one with Google’s Chrome OS.

The design is in typical ThinkPad fashion. Meaning, this thing will withstand a beating or two with it’s hard plastic exterior and reinforced frame. The ThinkPad will also have the keyboard and the large multitouch trackpad that ThinkPad users know and love. As far as connectivity goes, there is two USB 3.0 ports and a USB-C port for charging and HDMI out. Lenovo is offering Intel Core i3 and i5 processors but only a Celeron processor is standard. There can be up to 8GB of RAM and 32GB of storage on the ThinkPad 13, as well. There is a 1080p TN screen on the base model but you can get an optional IPS panel if you’d like.

Lenovo claims that the ThinkPad Chromebook 13 will get 10 hours of battery life with the 42Wh battery. But of course, that will vary between day-to-day use and what options you get the laptop with. And that extra-large battery means that you’ll be carrying some extra weight too, as it weighs 3.17 pounds.

 The Windows model will be arriving in April while we’ll have to wait until June for the Chromebook model. The Chromebook base model will start at $399. While that may seem a bit on the higher side, you are getting a pretty decent build quality and pretty impressive specs for a Chromebook.

 Information for this post is from an article by Steven Schroeder in Tech Dependent.