chromenotesBoth musicians and admins may not realize how far music apps that work on a Chromebook have advanced. The following three apps let you make music with nothing more than a browser and an internet connection.–move music notation to the browser. Create an account, login, and create a score. Listen to your composition played back with simulated instruments. Revise your work from almost any browser or device. Print your score or share it online for others to see and hear. Noteflight supports MusicXML, which makes it easier to transfer music files to and from other music apps.  Noteflight works on a “freemium” pricing model. Basic features are free, with advanced features available for a fee.–adds collaboration to notation.  Flat, which remains in beta-and free-as of July 2015, lets you share a score with other people who can co-compose.  Just as multiple people may edit a Google Doc at once, multiple people may edit a score at the same time in Flat. also seeks to integrate with Google Drive and Hangouts.–takes multi-track recording online.  Use any of the hundreds of loops to lay down a rhythm track, or record every track live with your microphone.  Adjust the volume level for each track to make a mix that fits your style.  Cut, copy, crop, slit, and/or paste each sound clip in a track with the visual editor.  Sountrap also encourages collaboration.  Like Noteflight, Soundtrap works on a freemium pricing model.

To learn more about how to use these 3 apps, read the complete article in Tech Republic by Andy Wolber.