How To Create a Website Using Google Sites

These steps will show you how to configure your Google Sites, G Suite admin settings, and your domain host records to use a Google Site as your organization’s website. If you use G Suite and your organization needs a website, take a look at what you can do with Google Sites. Google Sites lets you create a website that works on mobile and desktop with a drag-and-drop editor. As of May 2018, you’ll need the following to create and use a Google Site as your website: Administrative access to G Suite (, administrative access to your domain host (often, this is your domain name registrar, such as Google Domains), and either desktop Chrome or Firefox to create and edit your site.

1. Create a new Google Site

First, enable the new Google Site for people in your organization. A G Suite administrator can sign in to the G Suite admin console ( > Apps > G Suite > Sites > New Sites, then make sure “Users can create and edit sites” is selected.  Then go to and select the circle with a plus in the lower right to create a new Google Site. Choose a theme, fonts, and colors that best represent your organization. Add pages and customize menus as needed. Embed content from Google Drive or other places, insert a map, or create and insert a Google Form to collect inquiries.

2. Map the web address

Next, a G Suite administrator will map your site to a web address from within the G Suite admin console. Go to Admin > Apps > G Suite > Sites > Web Address Mapping then choose “Add a new web address.” The URL Format will likely default to the “new Sites” format, which is what you want. The domain display will also likely default to your organization’s primary G Suite domain. Enter the name you selected for your site after the domain name. For example, if you named your site “website” above, enter “website” to the right of your domain name.

3. Enable naked domain redirect

With the above completed, people will see your site when they type “www.” followed by your domain. But you likely also want people to go to the same site when they type your domain—without the “www.” before it.  A G Suite administrator enables this redirect from the admin console ( > Domains > Add/Remove domains > select “Redirect your naked domain” for your primary domain. Make sure that “www” appears in the subdomain box, then choose “Continue.”

Wait and Work

Domain and DNS changes may take up to two days to complete. In most cases, you can see the impact of changes within one to four hours. And double-check your settings: I mistyped two IP server addresses when I went through this, which created problems.  Once everything is working, you’ll have the benefit of the G Suite team’s systems powering your site.

The information for this post was taken from an article by Andy Wolber in TechRepublic, follow this link for the complete article and more information with illustrations.