AGI has ISO 14001, Environmental Management Certification


AGI is Proud to be ISO 14001, Environmental Management Certified and are glad that we are doing our part to keep our environment safe.

Environmental consciousness has become a worldwide concern, and nowhere is this more evident than the global marketplace. National as well as international markets are demanding a greater respect for the environment. Many industries require environmental management system certification. In addition, there are many benefits that may reward ISO 14001 implementation.
Increased energy efficiency and energy conservation in design,
production, and post-production processes
Potential reduction in process by-products and wastes
Greater employee awareness about the impact of their jobs on the environment
Creation of systematic structure for complying with environmental regulations
Customer satisfaction and requirement
Competitive advantage and improved market share
Improved image with community and environmental groups

The information for this post was taken from our certification body, Orion Registrar Inc. website, follow this link for more details on ISO 14001, Environmental Management certification.