A Guide to Teaching Computer Skills In K—12

Computers play a huge role in our everyday lives, and now more than ever, it’s important that kids have a basic understanding of how computers work, what computers can do and how technology can be helpful.  From learning how to type to creating programs from scratch by writing code, the possibilities are endless. Learning computer skills can be a lot of fun for kids, too.

Teaching Students How Computers Work

Computers have several different parts that all work together, and kids may already know what some of them are and what they do. When you’re typing, you’re using the keyboard.  The mouse is what makes it possible to move the cursor around the screen. And what you’re looking at right now is the monitor.

Coding Essentials Kids Need to Know

Once all the basic parts of a computer are in place, you need to be able to tell the computer what to do. Technology makes it possible for you to write code that allows the computer to do different things.  Using coding, you can have the computer add up a bunch of numbers, make a game to play or even animate characters on the screen.

How to Build Typing Skills in Students

Kids aren’t going to get very far with coding if they don’t know how to type! It’s important to get comfortable with how the keyboard looks and feels.  They will need to learn to put their fingers in the right places, and they need to learn to find and press all of the different keys with their fingers. It takes a lot of practice to improve keyboarding skills, but eventually, kids will be able to type quickly without even looking down at their hands.

Basic Rules for Internet Safety

The internet is a great resource for kids who know how to use a computer. But while there is a lot to see and learn on the internet, it’s important that children understand how to be safe online.  Remind them that it is always a good idea to start using the internet with a parent or teacher so that they get a better idea of how to keep themselves safe.

The information for this post was taken from an article by EdTech Staff in EdTech Focus on K-12, follow this link for the complete article and numerous other resources.