9 Updates for Google Classroom (and 3 More to Come)

Update #1 – New Classwork Page

One of the most noticeable changes to Classroom is the addition of a new tab for a “Classwork” page. In the past your Assignments and Questions were part of the Stream, along with the Announcements for the class. Although it was convenient to have everything in one place, it also could become very messy and confusing once a lot of content was posted.

Update #2 – Streamlined Stream Page

The Stream page has always existed as part of Classroom, but as mentioned above, it could get crowded with Announcements, Assignments, and Questions all in one place.  With the new updates, the Stream now only contains teacher Announcements, student Posts (if enabled), and any replies to these. Basically it is now a discussion stream.

Update #3 – New People Page

In the past you would manage students and guardians on the “Students” page, and co-teachers on the “About” page. This has all been consolidated on the “People” page now.  From the People page you can invite co-teachers, students, and guardians.

Update #4 – New Settings Page

Settings for each class have now been pulled together in one central location, rather than being scattered around on different screens as before. To get to the new Settings page, simply click the gear icon in the top right corner of the class.

Update #5 – Deprecated About Page

Although several new things have been added to Classroom, some things have gone away as well. One of these is the About page. In the past the About page contained several resources that have been moved elsewhere now.

Update #6 – Quick Switch when Grading

One of the most useful updates to Classroom is an improvement to accessing and grading student work. In the past you could access all of the turned in work from your students in one place, but you still needed to open each document separately. Now Classroom allows you to quickly and easily switch from one student document to the next.

Update #7 – Feedback Options when Grading

In addition to being able to easily switch between student documents, the new Classroom grading view also provides you with several convenient ways to provide feedback to students.

Update #8 – Copy a Class

Of all the updates, this one may likely save you the most time of any. We have always had the ability to reuse an old Assignment or Question. This was a convenient way to copy an assignment we did the year before without having to recreate everything. As nice as this was, it only worked for one post at a time.  Now Classroom gives you to option to copy an entire class all at once!

Update #9 – Disable Notifications for an Entire Class

The final new option is the ability to turn off all notifications for an entire class all at once. Previously you could turn off certain types of notifications, and still can, but now you can disable all of them for a class. This may be especially helpful for someone who is a co-teacher for a class, but does not want to be receiving notifications.

The information for this post was taken from an article by Eric Curts in TECH&LEARNING, follow this link for the complete article, more details and the 3 additional updates to come.