9 Reasons to Consider a Chromebook

The tech world moves pretty fast and so do shifting opinions. If you searched for Chromebooks back in 2013, it seemed almost every stuffy article claimed they were useless and almost always missed the point entirely. By 2014 people were starting to take notice that Chromebooks were selling well, rapidly being picked up by schools, and consumers were enjoying their Chromebooks. That same year they overtook iPads in US schools. Indeed, they’re the ultimate school computer because they’re stateless, cheap, and have a physical keyboard.

Fast forward to this month and the Chromebooks now outsell Macs in the US (there isn’t an official word on European sales). So why did so many people initially hate the idea and why is it now so successful?  Read on. Here are our top 9 reasons to get a Chromebook.

9. Value

The price of Chromebooks is driving its success and will surely have Apple worrying. There are many models of Chromebook made by several manufacturers at various cost more but it’s always a bargain for a laptop. Because of the nature of the system and the operating system it runs (Chrome OS), you get better performance for your money compared to a Windows PC the same price.

8. Embracing the cloud (and offline apps)

What put people off the Chromebooks was their reliance on the internet. Instead of downloading and installing applications, you just use web apps. This is why the Chromebook was branded “a glorified browser” by some.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that the Chromebook works offline. The operating system lets you manage files, move things from one computer to another, and save pictures from your digital camera just like any other laptop does.

7. Android

A couple of years ago Google hinted that select Android apps could be used on the Chromebooks. A select few arrived in beta but now they’ve just announced that the entire Google Play Store will make its way across. This means that any Android developer who wants to tweak their mobile app can have it run as a Chromebook app.

6. Google Now

One of the best things about Chromebooks is how they play nicely with Google’s other services and products. If you use an Android phone or tablet, you’ll feel right at home despite the taskbar and desktop background that feels more like a Mac or Windows PC.

5. Amazing battery life

The whole point of a laptop is that you can move it around easily, even if it’s just in your own home.  The Chromebooks have exceptionally battery life. The average now is about 10 hours but some  last almost 14 hours.

4. Options options options

As an exciting new product that many people didn’t understand, manufacturers had to experiment quite a lot with their Chromebooks to find what people like.  Now you can get Chromebooks with an Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB of RAM.  If you watch a lot of videos, you can get the one with the HD screen.

3. It just works

Chromebooks are simple and that is a precious thing these days. Your Chromebook just works. No system administration to worry about, no anti-virus software to upgrade, no bloatware pre-installed. You just sign in with your Google credentials and everything just works. Sharing it with others is easy. Upgrading is easy (and automatic). File management is easy (yes, Chrome OS is more than just the browser).

2. Linux

The Chromebook’s secret weapon. For a pleasant, simple experience that genuinely makes you more productive: work in the native Chrome OS. But for when you absolutely need to use powerful applications that must be installed: use Linux. There are a number of ways to run Linux distributions on your Chromebook, including dual-booting, but the best is definitely Crouton. Developed by a Google employee, it installs a Linux distro such as Ubuntu but it runs alongside Chrome OS and lets Googe’s operating system handle all the drivers and hardware. It’s amazing.

1. The Pixel 2 😍

This is a joyous machine. On paper the Pixel sounds incredible but a bit of a paradox. It’s a high-end, flagship Chromebook made by Google. It’s beautiful and powerful. If you charge it for 15 minutes it will run for over 2 hours. The bar with Google colours on the lid shows your battery level at a glance without having to open it. There’s an Intel Core processor, 8 GB of RAM, and handy USB-C ports. When you turn it on, you’re on the desktop is less than 10 seconds. It feels premium and the keyboard is great. The 2560 x 1700 touchscreen is stunning.  We don’t recommend the Pixel as the Chromebook for most people, but we love that it exists. It also might be a sign of the future for laptops if Google continues to realize its vision of Instant Apps.

Information for this post was taken from an article by Jennifer Harrison in Gadgette, for more details, just follow the link.

image: Google