Social MediaSocial Media can be a good addition to open communication with the parents and the community as a whole.  It is important that you approach using Social Media in your school with the intentions of making it an asset to learning for the students.  There a 4 Steps according to Luvelle Brown, superintendent of New York’s Ithaca School district.

  1.  Develop a Plan:  Outline goals for your social media campaign.
  2. Tell your story:  Use online tools and resources to paint a positive picture of the good work under way in your school or district.
  3. Encourage dialogue:  Engage parents, students, teachers and others in meaningful dialogue to improve the quality of education.
  4. Avoid pitfalls:  head off a controversy before it ignites into a full-on PR crisis.

For more details, read the complete article in eSchool News.

Brown and other education leaders contributed to a new guide from K12 Insight called the “Definitive School Leader’s Guide to Navigating Social Media,” providing district leaders with strategies for refining their district’s social media approach, as well as their own.