Kevin Ghost of Pennsylvania’s Connellsville Area School District explains how a rural, 4,300-student district gave teachers and students a uniform experience in a 21st century learning environment.

Ultimately, our goal was to transform our rural district from one where teachers and students used disparate technology dry erase boards in one room, traditional projectors in another — into one that helps all students and teachers thrive in a 21st century learning environment.  Here’s how we did it:

Strive for a consistent experience across all classrooms

Previously, some of our schools had a lot of technology, and others were lacking — mainly due to funding issues.  By replacing our existing equipment with 270 interactive flat panel displays from Boxlight Corporation, 4,400 Chromebooks and myriad other technology tools, we’ve been able to create a much more consistent learning and teaching experience.

Find creative financing solutions

We had to do quite a bit of restructuring to get all of our schools on the same level. In the early stages of the transition, we had many projects going on all at once. Because of this, funding was an ongoing issue. We looked at how we could cut our budget and reallocate some funds.

Focus on ‘wins,’ such as better teacher collaboration

Seen as an important educational outcome, collaboration is a key skill that translates into strong team-building and teamwork (both in the educational environment and in the workforce). Knowing this, we put collaboration at the center of the technology upgrade initiative. Using their Chromebooks in conjunction with the flat panel displays, for instance, teachers can quickly turn those displays into giant, touchscreen computers that everyone use to collaborate and interact on.

Find modern technology platforms that play well with others

The days when software platforms and their related hardware were proprietary and “closed off” are long gone, with many modern-day offerings providing seamless integrations with other applications. Knowing the value of this, we sought out state-of-the-art platforms that would integrate well with other systems.

This information was taken from an article by Kevin Ghost in EDUCATION DRIVE, follow this link for the complete article and more details.