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12 Tricks That Make You The Master Of Google Search

There’s a hidden side of Google that only a select few people take advantage of. When you discover the amazing things you can do with Google, you’ll become a search master. You’ll be light years ahead of the people who don’t know this stuff.

1. Use an asterisk “*” to find words or phrases you can’t remember

2. Search within websites using “site:”

3. Find similar websites by searching “related:yourwebsitehere.com”

4. Search for exact phrases using quotations

5. Exclude certain keywords using “-“

6. Find links to certain websites with “link:yourwebsitehere.com”

7. Search for exact images

8. Use “or” when you can’t remember which topic you’re thinking of

9. Search within a time frame using “…”

10. Search for specific words in a title or URL using “intitle:” and “inurl:”

11. Use “Define:” to learn the meaning of slang words

12. Filter search results using Google’s “Search Tools”

Information for this post is based on an article at Lifehack.org by Bill Widmer, for more details on each of these Google Search Tricks, follow the link.