1. Is the article missing citations, references, or links?

Links and citations allow us to easily access, read, and explore more about the information found in the article. Authors include references and links to validate their story, so if an article is missing links and references, it is a huge red flag.

2. Is the author’s name missing?

An article without an author’s name is another red flag. Most authors who put the time in to develop a well-researched news story like having their name attached to it.

3. If the author’s name is listed, are they a trustworthy individual?

Do a Google search on the author’s name to find their occupation and locate other articles that the author has composed.

4. What can you find in the “About Us” section of the website?

On the top or bottom of most websites, you should see a section titled “About Us.” This section should give you a brief run-down of the mission and goals of the site.

5. Are there spelling or grammatical errors found in the text?

Authors tend to read and re-read their articles numerous times prior to posting. In addition, they often have others proofread their work.

6. Are there any direct quotes that are incorrectly used or taken out of context?

Copy and paste a quote from the article into Google’s search bar. Are you able to find that same quote on another website or did your search produce a quote that is a bit different than the one in the article?

7. Can you find a similar article on the Internet?

Do a simple keyword search on Google for a similar article. If you’re unable to find anything remotely similar, chances are that the author didn’t do their research…

8. Does the article only showcase one side of an argument?

News articles are essentially meant to inform you by showing all sides of a topic; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

9. Does the headline not match the content of the article?

A headline can do more than provide a snippet of what the entire piece is about; it can also persuade us to believe something before we even read the article. Authors sometimes fabricate their headlines…

10. Is the story completely outrageous?

If the story is unbelievable, chances are it is!

The information for this post is from a Blog Posts by Michele Kirschenbaum on January 4, 2017 on the Easy Bib website, follow this link for more details.