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10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Chromebook Master

1) Save files straight to Google Drive:Chromebooks have limited local storage, but you’re encouraged not to use it, and Google Drive appears as an option whenever you download something from the web.

2) Use Google Drive offline: Chromebooks have slowly been getting better at working without an internet connection, and Google’s office suite has been leading the way. You can create, edit, and view documents, spreadsheets, and presentations without any internet connectivity, but there’s a setting you need to enable first.

3) Mirror the display on a Chromecast:  A Chromecast gives you an easy way of getting your laptop’s display up on your television screen.

4) Fit more on the screen:  Most Chromebooks don’t come with the best-looking displays, but you can adjust this (and fit more on the screen) by clicking on Display settings in the Settings menu and changing the resolution manually. You can usually increase the resolution without causing any glitches.

5) Unlock Chrome OS with your smartphone:  Having to type out your Google password every time you start up your Chromebook isn’t ideal, as secure as it might be. Instead, you can tell Chrome OS to sign you in automatically if it detects a trusted smartphone is nearby.

6) Get the newest features first:  As with the Chrome browser, there are different versions of Chrome OS to choose between, and if you find the stable version too staid and boring, you can live life on the edge by switching to the beta or development channels. You get the newest features first in return for a few extra bugs.

7) Troubleshoot problems with the Chromebook task manager:  As straightforward and lightweight as Chrome OS is compared with other operating systems like Windows and macOS, there might still be occasions when you run into problems. If that happens, the task manager can help.

8) Use Guest Mode when sharing your Chromebook:  There might be times when other people are using your Chromebook, but how do you oblige without giving them access to your Google search history and Facebook account and everything else that opens automatically with your web browser? The answer is the Guest Mode built into Chrome OS.

9) Talk to your Chromebook:  Everyone’s talking to their computers these days, and you can set up the same “OK Google” voice trigger available on Android on Chrome OS as well

10) Learn some Chromebook keyboard shortcuts:  The Chromebook keyboard has some unusual tweaks—a search key instead of a Caps Lock button for example—and there are also plenty of keyboard shortcuts built into the OS

Information for this post is based on a Field Guide by David Nleld with Gizmodo, follow the link for more details.