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LCD Removal Step-by-Step Instructions


The following instructions will help you remove and replace your notebook screen. These instructions should work well with most industry laptops, but you may have to adjust these instructions to suite your specific laptop model.

Note: We do not recommend this procedure unless you have a technical background. Please be aware that you may void your warranty by removing the screen. AGParts a division of AssetGenie, Inc. will not be responsible for any damage you may cause by attempting this. If you are not qualified to remove the display, please send it to us so our trained technicians can replace the display for you.

This entire process should take approximately 20 to 25 minutes.

Important: Remove the notebook battery and unplug the power supply before beginning!

Required Tools:Helpful Hints:
  • Laptop, unplugged and the battery removed
  • Small regular (flat head) screwdriver
  • Small philips screwdriver
  • Have a sandwich bag handy to place screws and screw-covers in as you remove them
  • Paper towels to lay LCD on once it has been removed

Click on the numbered steps below to continue through the process.

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