• What are the different areas of business for AGParts?
  • AGParts specializes in parts and repairs for mobile devices including Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops. Other divisions of the AGI Group have specialized expertise in LCD Displays and Repairs.

    AGParts has extensive expertise in specific parts including LCD Displays, Digitizers, Keyboards, Plastics (enclosure parts), AC Adaptors and Batteries.

    We work with leading OEMs including Apple, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell. We source parts from leading manufacturers in Asia.

    Our business is equipped with advanced software systems that enable high velocity transactions to meet your most demanding parts needs.

  • Who is the parent company of AGParts?
  • AGParts is a division of AGI Group, a technology group that is a leader in LCD Repairs and LCD Sales since 1999. The legal entity for AGI Group is AssetGenie, Inc, a company registered in Virginia, United States.

  • Is AGParts an Authorized Service Provider?
  • We are not an Authorized Service Provider (ASP). We are an independent supplier of OEM parts that meet or exceed the original OEM specifications and we are a 3rd party Service provider with an 84,000 SQ technically advance facility.

  • Does AGParts have a partner network?
  • AGParts has a network of partners who stock parts and offer repair services in several locations across the United States and Canada. AGParts supplies parts directly to these partners to help them address local needs and offer quick turnarounds.

    AGParts partners have access to our software systems and to our warehouses which are located across multiple locations in United States and Canada. Our partners are able to procure parts quickly through these systems and facilities.

    We are always looking to develop new partnerships. Please contact us at websales@agpartsworldwide.com for further details.

  • What type of warranty does AGParts offer on products and services?
  • AGParts brings you parts from reputed manufacturers in Asia including Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. Our world-class logistics ensures timely delivery of parts to your locations. We have very strict Quality Control measures in place for product to be accepted into our inventory. But, if you are unsatisfied with the product or you receive defective product, we do have warranties in place. Our return processing is efficient and well-structured to best aid you in getting the parts you need, fast. RMA processing guidelines can be tailored to specific accounts.

    For more detailed information about our Warranty Period, please visit the RMA page of our website.

  • What are the typical delivery times for parts?
  • AGParts stocks a lot of the products that we offer at our warehouses that are located in the United States and Canada. Most of the parts that you will need for popular models and brands of mobile devices are likely to be with us in our inventory. These parts can have a turnaround as low as a few hours and extend to three days depending on the location to which they need to be dispatched. Our logistics partners can help carry your parts wherever you are in the shortest possible time.

    A number of our partners also carry small inventories and may be local to your location. These partners will be able to deliver the parts to you within hours of your placing your orders. AGParts operates an advanced inventory management that enables us to tell you which partner or warehouse may have the parts and quantities that you are looking for, almost immediately. We can then work around the logistics to get the parts over to you in the shortest time needed.

    Should some parts that you order not be in our stocks, we can order these for you from our vendors who will deliver from any inventory that they have or place these into their production cycle. Depending on the availability and the production schedule and adding the time for shipments from the Asian countries where our manufacturers are located, deliveries will be appropriately scheduled. Please speak to our offices and we will be able to help you with details of stocks and delivery times for your parts.

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